• Vizor * Vizor is a platform for creating and sharing VR content on the web. Vizor features a 3D world editor and a powerful, visual programming language.
  • Beloola * Beloola is a social Web VR platform that allows people with shared passions to congregate in the same user-generated virtual place in real-time.
  • VRCHIVE * VRCHIVE hosts spherical panoramas in VR and makes them easily sharable across devices.
  • ReactVR * Build VR websites and interactive 360 experiences with React.
  • SceneVR * Create multiuser 3D environments using HTML-like tags and JavaScript.
  • A-Frame * Building blocks for the virtual reality web.
  • LOVR * A simple framework for creating VR experiences with Lua.
  • html2three * A library for creating VR web-sites using HTML and CSS
Coding Environment
  • RiftSketch * An HTML5 live-coding environment for the Oculus Rift
  • Primrose Editor * A framework and collection of UI components for creating interactive WebVR applications.
  • nunuStudio * A JS based IDE for 3D and VR applications that run directly on the browser
  • Maze War VR * A multi-player, browser-based remake of Maze War from 1974, the first first person shooter
  • Jocly * Plenty of playable board games, like Chess ( best user experience with Vive or Rift+Touch )
Music Video
  • Livyatanim * interactive music film by OR FLEISHER
  • Learning Virtual Reality * Developing Immersive Experiences and Applications for Desktop, Web, and Mobile By Tony Parisi
  • UI/UX VR * A list of resources about the UI/UX considerations for VR.

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